Entry 72: Turn up the Decibels

Brewery: Decibel Brewing

Location: Bothell, WA

Reason: Soft Opening


As we slow down and take our time with this journey we notice something unique happening.  In the far distance we notice a beautiful sound being emitted from a friendly building.  As we get closer, we notice that the decibels are getting higher and higher. Once we get to the source of the divine tone, we instantly fell in love.  We have arrived at Decibel Brewing.

I love being able to go to soft openings of brewers.  It makes me feel like I am part of the ‘in’ crowd.  I got an email early last week from the guys at Decibel inviting myself and any of my friends to check out the soft opening of the brewery.  So obviously Sam-wise and I, plus 2 of our friends headed that way.

The brewery itself is in a nondescript building, nestled snugly to an auto body shop.  Once you walk into the brewery, you’ll notice a bar lined with Christmas lights and wide open spaces.  On the far back wall you’ll see all the people who supported the brewery via the kickstarter campaign.  While you there, look for the handsome ‘Holt’ on the wall. img_20160904_185549

I know what people really want to read about though, the beer.  I really enjoyed the beer.  Although I was very disappointed that they ran out of pale before I arrived, but I’m sure I can forgive them. They’re brewing on a 2 barrel system, which means they’ll occasionally run out of a certain beer.  But they still had 7 others on tap, which shows that they have been prepping for this soft opening for a while.  When I encounter soft openings, usually there are a handful of beers, but 7 is very very impressive.

The beers they had were an IPA, Cream, Belgium Farmhouse, Stout, Alt, Dark Ale, and Wit.  Sam was a big fan of the IPA and Cream ale.  I didn’t get around to the IPA (Very weird, but shush), but I enjoyed the cream thoroughly.  It had a nice foaming feel to it with just a hint of the butteryness you can get from pilsner malt. Very tasty.  I also enjoy the Alt, which really reminds me of the classic German flavor, a bit sweet with a malty body.

If you’re in the Bothell area why not check out Decibel (Or in Mill Creek since they’re right there too!).


Entry 71: Engine Engine Number 9

Brewery:  Engine House 9 (E9)

Location: Tacoma, WA

Reason: Tacoma is awesome

With the flames of thirst consuming us, we knew it was time to press on.  Fire, the most dangerous element was threatening our very journey.  But with bells ringing and sirens roaring, we see help.  Engine House 9 was there to save the day.

If you like themed breweries or just fire houses, there is no brewery better than E9.  Housed in an old fire station in Tacoma, the brewery is adorned with antique firefighting artifacts.   While I may not know much about the fire industry, I do know my history.  Engine House 9’s building was built in 1907, and it was in service until 1965.  The building has a rich history and is a registered historical building.  So if you’re looking for some cool architecture and enjoy a great beer. E9 is your place.

The beer itself is wonderfully delicious.  In the craft beer world, E9 is a very well respected brewery.  Known for having a large variety of beers and bottling their very popular sours, this brewery will have everything for everyone.  Tart Farmhouse, Wild Ale, Saison, Pale Ale, Wile Ale, IPA, Kolsch, Stouts. All of them.  If you’re a fan of the sour beer scene, I highly recommend going down to Tacoma and checking out E9.

The food is also wonderful.  You can trust me. I’m a fat guy.