Entry 41: Cruisin’ thru the Hood (Canal)

Location:  Kingston, WA

Brewery:  Hood Canal Brewing

Reason:  Trying to make our way to Silverdale


As we continue our journey to Silverdale, we come across an ol’ staple of the Peninsula.  The Hood Canal Brewery.  You can find their beers all over, from Port Townsend to Brinnon (I love the Geoduck, GO THERE!).  We make our way into a small industrial complex with roll up doors, we catch brief smell of delicious beer and welcome ourselves into the taproom.

While not much to see in size, I’ve always been a huge fan of Hood Canal Brewing.  Mostly because they make one of my favorite IPAs, the Dabob Bay.  Dabob Bay which is known for its great oysters is located just north of Brinnon and south of Quilcene.  And if you have never heard of those towns, its okay.  I don’t blame you, they are tiny.  But the IPA is wonderful.  Another one of their beers I am a giant fan of is their Termination Pt. Double IPA, unfortunately this is a seasonal beer, but I’m sure if we ask nicely they will serve it year around, right?!

If you ever take the Kingston ferry I suggest two things.  Stopping off at Downpour for a pint and some pizza, and then continue down highway 104 and stop off at Hood Canal Brewery, it’ll be on the right. 6tag_110715-173217.jpg