Podcast 22: Bellingham Part 2

There are so many delicious breweries in Bellingham. This week we talk about Structures, Gruff and Stones Throw Brewing. Plus we talk about Floodland Brewing and the crazy stuff they’ll be doing.


Podcast 17: Airways and Aslan

Something different happened tonight. Gerry from Aslan and Gibbs from Airways join the podcast in two different segments. Good stuff tonight!



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Entry 57: I Wander for Beer

Brewery:  Wander Brewing

Location: Bellingham, WA

Reason:  Beer

When one is in search of quality beer, sometimes you need to divert off the traditional path.  Yes, IPAs are wonderful.  And everyone loves a pale ale.  But sometimes we dare to be risky and try something different.

Enter Wander.

First and foremost, Wander has a kick ass logo.  

Secondly, they have a different approach to beers.

We all know the traditional northwest brewery is going to offer a few different IPAs, a handful of pale ales, dry hopped ales, fresh hop batches and etc.  That is the Northwest way.  But a different approach to beer is starting to take foot, and that is the sour style.  While I will admit right now, I do not like sour beers.  They are….too sour for me.  I like hops.  But my good buddy and home-brewing stud Mikey loves the sour.  So I write this with him in mind. (Don’t judge, I think about my friends often, it isn’t weird!)

A few years ago, finding a sour was pretty rare.  You’d see it here and there, but finding multiple sour beers was always difficult.  That is not always the case anymore.  Finding a Brett, or beer ages in an infected barrel seems like the rage in some circles.  Even this last weekend I went wine tasting with friends and Mikey asked around, looking for infected barrels, so he could make a sour.

But enough about sours.  Well, expect that Wander seems to be an expert at them.  Lets talk about the beer.  Non-sour beer (Cause well, if you love sour beers, go to Wander) that I’ve had the most (Including yesterday) is their Rye-IPA.  While not super traditional, you can find these around here and there.  And it was tasty.  While high in IBUs (100), it wasn’t overly hoppy, which is a nice blend.  I also had their Pilsner and Dubbel, both of which were very tasty.

It is difficult for me to review a brewery that I know I won’t like.  Not because they don’t make quality beers, which they do, its because that beer just isn’t my style.  But from what I’ve talked to from people who do love the sour seen is that Wander is legit and a must in the north end of the state.

Also, its in an old warehouse and they had a food truck inside.  Pretty cool.