Entry 71: Engine Engine Number 9

Brewery:  Engine House 9 (E9)

Location: Tacoma, WA

Reason: Tacoma is awesome

With the flames of thirst consuming us, we knew it was time to press on.  Fire, the most dangerous element was threatening our very journey.  But with bells ringing and sirens roaring, we see help.  Engine House 9 was there to save the day.

If you like themed breweries or just fire houses, there is no brewery better than E9.  Housed in an old fire station in Tacoma, the brewery is adorned with antique firefighting artifacts.   While I may not know much about the fire industry, I do know my history.  Engine House 9’s building was built in 1907, and it was in service until 1965.  The building has a rich history and is a registered historical building.  So if you’re looking for some cool architecture and enjoy a great beer. E9 is your place.

The beer itself is wonderfully delicious.  In the craft beer world, E9 is a very well respected brewery.  Known for having a large variety of beers and bottling their very popular sours, this brewery will have everything for everyone.  Tart Farmhouse, Wild Ale, Saison, Pale Ale, Wile Ale, IPA, Kolsch, Stouts. All of them.  If you’re a fan of the sour beer scene, I highly recommend going down to Tacoma and checking out E9.

The food is also wonderful.  You can trust me. I’m a fat guy.

Entry 69: Ten Hut! Four Generals ready for duty.

Brewery:  Four Generals Brewing

Location: Renton, WA

Reason: Its literally 2 blocks away

Okay, I’m not a military guy. So I have no idea what the title means.  But I do know beer, and there is a new brewery opening in Renton.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about Renton. Its home. It has always been home for me (Matt) and a somewhat newer home for others (Sam), and it has been a giant open space for breweries. Sure, it has been home to Strong Arm and Herbert-B-Friendly for years, and while both are awesome stops, they are far from full time tap rooms.  If you head to the downtown area of almost any town in Western WA you will find a brewery, for Renton, that is now Four Generals Brewing.


Four Generals isn’t quite open yet.  The grand opening is just days away on July 22nd at noon.  Their location is 3rd and Wells in DTR (Downtown Renton, for all you non-Renton folks).  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening for months, watching their updates on Facebook, commenting and liking as we went along. Luckily for me this was how I was able to  get to know the owner and brewer Russ (as in, I’ve annoyed the hell out of him).  I’ll tell you right now, he is a good guy and a good brewer.


The location is right in DTR. The brewery has a brewery feel to it.  And if you frequent enough breweries, you know that feeling. Roll up doors, limited but wonderful outside seating and a small but quaint taproom.  Once you walk into the doors, you’ll love the place.


As of the soft opening, they had 4 beers on tap.  A sour (Sam is happy), a bitter, an east coast IPA (not too hoppy) and a CDA (cascadian dark ale, love that roasted malt).  When talking to Russ he told me their flagship will be their scotch ale (yay!) and they’ll have a gambit of different styles of beer.  Four Generals will also be barrel aging several beers, so this brewery is up to some big things. Even though I was only able to try 4 of their beers, I really liked them.  I’m not a sour guy, so I’ll leave that up to Sam (she had two). The three other beers: all different, all delicious. If you’re not a hoppy person, the east coast IPA is a damn good beer.  Or if you like a little malt and low alcohol (3.5%) their bitter is the way to go.  And of course, CDA is a CDA and if you like CDA, drink this CDA.  CDA!!!

Come to Renton on Friday and give Four Generals a chance, you will not regret it.


Podcast 7: Washington Beer Festival and Seattle

I know we cannot review all of Seattle, but we talk Ravenna, Fremont, Outlander plus the Washington beer festival.

So, listen here or download it.  Also you can download on iTunes, search wabljourney.

Podcast 7


Entry 67: Surviving the Crucible


I have wanted to try Crucible pretty much since I found out that they existed, which was unfortunately about a month after I moved out of the Everett area. So after a few months of waiting Matt and I found ourselves passing through the Everett area on our way home and decided to cross this one off my bucket (of beers) list.

Crucible is located on Everett Mall Way near Middleton and Lazy Boy brewing. Its a nice addition to the brewery scene in the area, an in between the more experimental Middleton and the very traditional Lazy Boy.

The tap room is pretty awesome, a nice comfortable bar area with a casual and friendly vibe. Matt and I decided to sit near the back on an incredibly comfortable couch I might have taken home with me if I were able to smuggle it out discretely. The couch sits back in a corner in front of a TV wired for Netflix, which might be one of my favorite things at any brewery (sure I’ll binge watch some Archer while drinking your delicious beer).

I liked this place almost immediately when I saw two sours on tap. I figured it was my duty to try them both in the name of research. The Rasberry Kettle Sour (which I later saw was named the Tyrannasour Razz… awesome) was amazing. It was the perfect blend of fruity and sour and I got very excited when I saw another friend check this in on untappd later that week. The other sour was a Watermelon Cucumber Kettle Sour on cask. I’m not a cask girl, so I tried only a schooner of this one. It was good, refreshing, sweet and sour, though I would have preferred it with a little CO2. I also tried the Orange Cream Ale which was delightful. Matt’s stand out was the Grapefruit IPA, he is partial to almost any beer involving grapefruit.

All in all, I enjoyed Crucible, and you should too.