Entry 6: The Journey Must Geaux On

Location: Bellevue, Wa

Brewery: Geaux Brewing

Reason: Sounders Game

After a most harrowing afternoon Matt and I knew that our only real option was to forge ahead and continue our WABL-y Journey. That beer is not going to drink itself, and by God, we are not going to let it go to waste.

The sixth and final stop this weekend was Geaux Brewing in Bellevue. Of all the breweries we visited in the last weekend I would say this one felt the most like a brewery. Hidden in the way back of an industrial park, with a fenced off hop and beer garden outside, barrel tables and a dog. This place FEELS like a brewery.

Bonus points to Geaux brewing for having a TV, this is a feature not everyone in the brewing community agrees on. I myself am torn, while I enjoy my boyfriends undivided attention I also occasionally (often… ok… always) prefer watching sporting events at a brewery.

Matt sampled the Pirates Alley Pale Ale, the Gulf Coast Session IPA, and ended with the Treme IPA. I sampled the Wee Y’at Scottish Ale, then the BTR Red, and also finished with the Treme IPA. We both agreed the Treme was far and away the best of the beers we tried there.

I like Geaux, and if I lived closer to it I might make a better effort to visit more often, but I will say that its not one of my favorites. Its good, but it doesn’t stand out to me. I would give Geaux a 7/10.

 Also, if you DO happen to find yourself at Geaux, check out the bathroom, but read the instructions before you just start pressing buttons… You’re welcome.

Entry 5: Meeting the frog at Issaquah Brewhouse

Location:  Issaquah, WA

Brewery:  Issaquah Brewhouse (Rogue Ales)

Reason: Hungry

A frog is much more than a cute little amphibian, it is the symbol of the Issaquah Brewhouse.  The day we encountered the legendary frog of Issaquah is a day to remember.  Well, maybe not so much.  We were hungry over our attempt to conquer Snoqualmie Falls.  We grabbed our food and we drank our pints, and sang till the kegs ran dry.  Or not.


Issaquah Brewhouse doesn’t stand for Washington beer as much as it used too.  Being they were purchased out by the mysterious Rogue of Oregon.  But, they still craft several of their own beers.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Rogue (They are meh) and Issaquah Brewhouse ales are not quite my style (Wheat beer is the biggest seller), I still frequent Issaquah Brewhouse often.  Because of the Kobe beef burger.  It is one of those burgers that you would take home to meet your mother.  It is that amazing.  I give the Issaquah Brewhouse 5/10.




Schooner Exact

Snoqualmie Falls


Entry 4: Over Snoqualmie Falls

Location: Snoqualmie, WA

Brewery: Snoqualmie Falls Brewing

Reason: It was a beautiful day out, might as well go visit Snoqualmie falls and hit up a brewery.

After barely making it out of Schooner Exact alive, we had a day to rest and then we had to take on the treacherous Snoqualmie Falls.  Very few attempt to brave the falls, but Sam-wise and I were eager and ready.  The journey to this point has been fairly easy, rarely having to leave the Seattle area, but now.  We move east, towards middle-Washington.

Riding out on FIAT was uneventful.  Until we see the falls.  Many attempted it, but no one has conquered it, until now.  WP_20150503_003

Sam-wise taking on the falls.

We finally make it to Snoqualmie Falls Brewing.  It is beautiful as always.  The beer, refreshingly cold and tasty.  The Mariners on the TV.  It is a stop I’ll never forget.  Mostly because of the Spring Fever.  ALL HAIL SPRING FEVER! The greatest beer in the all the lands.

(On a side note, this is one of my favorite breweries.  They do many things right.  They have a huge selection of beers, they always have a delicious seasonal, and for those who do not drink, they have amazing root beer that they make themselves.  Snoqualmie falls also has a kitchen for those who are famished.  Pizzas and sandwiches mostly.)

I give this place a 9/10.  VISIT!


Breweries conquered:



Schooner Exact

Snoqualmie Falls

Entry 3: A brief stop at Schooner Exact

Location:  Seattle, WA
Brewery: Schooner Exact
Reason: Not ready to Uber home yet

Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy?  Regardless, after a few stops at Pyramid and Ghostface and a Bacon and Beer festival.  The fellowship of the beers ran into some trouble at Schooner Exact.

The crossing between Ghostface and Schooner exact was trying.  Many obstacles and many roads stood between Sam-wise and myself.  But with the help our of majestic steed (Uber) we were able to cross this devilish distance in about 3 minutes.

After several pints and Pyramid, unlimited beer at the beer and bacon festival, and 8 tasters at Ghostface, our bellies were not as empty as they were at early morning rise.  But with the sun setting and time ticking, we marched into Schooner Exact, pride in one hand, WABL passport in another and we ordered beers.

And then Ubered home.  I love Schooner Exact, I wish I could remember more.  But the hops goddess casted some illuminist spell of forgetfulness on us..


I wish I could review this better but Beer and Bacon festival makes things difficult.  But having their beer before, I will gladly give this place an 8/10.  They also have a kitchen and a giant beer selection.  A must visit if you’re in the Georgetown/SODO area.

Breweries visited:
Schooner Exact

Entry 2: The Legend of the Ghostfish

Location: Downtown Seattle, WA
Brewery: Ghostfish Brewing Company
Reason: The Bacon and Beer Festival was over.

Reviewed by: Sam-wise

After three short hours of drinking beer and eating bacon it was time for us to take our journey back on the road. We pushed on despite the elements (it was a temperate spring day), we defied the odds (it was a pretty flat mile away) and found ourselves face to face with the elusive, and often feared Ghostfish.

Now, I WANTED to like this place. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was great. It is located in an open space, with a bar up front. The logo is nothing short of bad-ass. The beer? Gluten Free.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If I was gluten free this place would be AWESOME, but as someone who gets down with gluten from time to time, It may not have been my jam. Matt and I split a sampler and while the beer was… ok. It wasn’t outstanding.

I would recommend this place to any of my gluten free friends, and I wouldn’t tell anyone NOT to go here, but I might not go out of my way to visit again.

I will say, we left a pint glass we purchased on the table and when we came back for it an hour or so later, the staff was incredibly friendly and replaced it with no problem. I LIKED this place, but I may be a woman who needs a little gluten in her beers.


Entry 1: Deep within the Pyramid

Location:  Seattle, WA
Brewery: Pyramid Brewery
Reason: To drink

Every epic has to start somewhere.  And there is no place more fitting than a staple of the Seattle brewery scene.  Pyramid.  I know many don’t consider it Seattle anymore cause its a big time brewery that sells all over the United States.  But Pyramid will always have a special place in my heart.  Also I have two buddies that work there.  That’s always nice.  Fun thing about Pyramid, the Mayweather fight was that day, but they were not ordering the fight cause they didn’t want the bro crowd in their tapout shirts.

We enter Pyramid with eager anticipation.  Sam-wise orders the Brown. A bold move, defending the honor of generations before her.  I order the dubbel, potentially risky but the pay off could be huge.  We encounter no dragons, trolls or ogres.  Just people waiting to go to the Beer and Bacon festival.  We survive and move on to the next.


Pyramid is all about location location location.  Before a M’s, Hawks or Sounders game this is the place to be.  It can get a little pricey before a game ($6.50 for a pint) but they do have a vast selection of beers (They have their own AND ones from Portland brewing).  I recommended the IPL and Outburst IPA.  Also, their nachos are fantastic.  I give them a 6/10.

Breweries visited –
Pyramid Brewing

A WABL tale: There and back again (For more beer)

There is a time in a man’s life when he decides to go on an epic journey.  Something bards in future generations will sing about.  But this isn’t one of those journeys.  This is a journey of beer.  More importantly, Washington beer.

One day many moons ago, my wise girlfriend Sam and I were in a far off land called Woodinville.  A land known for wine, mead and beer.  It is an enchanted place full of fun, adventure and danger.  The danger being cops.  Don’t drink and drive people.  Anyway, Sam and I saw a mystical and magical WABL map lying in the tomb of Brickyard Brewing company so we decided to take a look.  And what we saw was amazing.  Well, not so much amazing as a crap load of breweries that we have visited.  So we started marking them off, Wingman – check, Bellevue brewing – check, and so on and so on.  Until we realized that we visit breweries very frequently.

Time passed and nothing came of this magical map until this last friday, at Snoqualmie Brewing.  My wise girlfriend Sam thought of the idea of starting a blog to chronicle our journey across the great state of Washington to visit every Brewery we can.

So here we are, the day of the Bacon and Beer festival, starting our journey.  Rain or shine, we must move forward.  For us, and everyone.


All the breweries in Washington.  272 of them.  And we are starting from ground zero.  Everyone we have already visited, doesn’t count.