Entry 24: Docking at Westport

Location:  Westport, WA

Brewery:  Westport Brewing

Reason:  We needed a good beer

After sludging through Bog Water we decided to dock at Westport Brewing Company.  With my brew dog Lupa and my faithful companion Samwise, we needed a cool refreshing beer.  Westport Brewing has the classic brewery look and that is exactly what we needed on our journey.  Located just minutes out of “downtown” Westport, Westport brewing offers a wide variety of delicious beers.  A must go if you’re in the area.

When we visited Westport Brewing they had about 9 beers on tap.  Which is amazing for a microbrewery.  Obviously the brewmaster has a lot of talent if he is able to pull off that many beers.  What I loved most was the different types of beers.  They ran the gambit of refreshing light beers to full bodied dark beers.  The beer I really feel in love with was their Kings Tide IPA.  Very refreshing beer.  I also really enjoyed the Kolsch and Cream Ale, both very refreshing ales on a warm day.

When it comes down to it, I cannot recommend this brewery enough.  It is very good, with a very cool brewery feel.  When talking to the owners, they were both on the verge of retirement, so who knows how long this brewery may stay around.  So visit soon!


Entry 23: Drinking the Bog Water

Location:  Westport, WA

Brewery:  Bog Water Brewing

Reason:  Visiting the coast.  Drinking.

After a stop off at Fish Brewing – Lupa, Samwise and I make our way through the Bog Water to drink from its aptly named beverages.

This was the most difficult brewery to review, since I normally want to be positive.  Obviously they work hard and brewers are always proud of their craft.  But this brewery…..was just not good.  The staff was very unwelcoming, they only had 3 below average beers on tap and well, it just didn’t give a great vibe.

It has some positives though.  Looks like they had some great calzones. I didn’t have one, but they did look delicious.  They also have “wine” at the brewery.  It is Cranberry wine, but that is still wine, right?  Also, they have some live music that sounded pretty awesome.  That was actually the best part of the entire brewery, the live music.

Thankfully as I write this Bog Water isn’t on any social media, so the odds of them reading this very low.  But if you are in the Westport area, I highly suggest skipping Bog Water and going to Westport Brewing or Blackbeard Brewing.  WP_20150523_005

This brewery is the reason why we actually stopped grading breweries.  Sorry Bog Water, maybe we’ll try again another time.

The beers they had were a Blonde, Rye IPA and Brown.

Entry 22: Swimming with Fish

Location: Olympia, WA

Brewery: Fish Brewing Company

Reason: On our way to the coast, and Lunch.

In an attempt to get away for memorial day weekend Matt booked us a night in Westport Washington. So early(ish) Saturday morning we packed up the trusty Fiat, the trusty brewdog Lupa, and hit the road. On our way to Westport we passed through our state capitol, Olympia.

Olympia holds a pretty special place in my heart since it is the “hometown” of my best friend. Going to Olympia feels like going back to my second home. I used to know which bars to go to after a bad night of karaoke (the ribeye), and where to go to grab breakfast (the spar). The town has changed a little in the last six or seven years since she moved away, but one place is still there, the best place to grab a beer and a cup of soup.

Fish Brewing is a must stop if you find yourself heading down through Olympia. Not only is the beer solid, the food is outstanding. They also offer a pretty wide variety of organic beers (if that’s your thing). They usually have a good variety of beers on tap, and Fish is a good place to grab a sampler and an even better place to grab lunch.

For beers I would recommend the Beyond the Pale (pale ale), the Vicious Circle (amber), and especially the Wild Salmon Pale Ale. For food, I would HIGHLY recommend the wings (I think Chili lime), or the pulled pork sandwich. If they give you an option of fries or soup, its a good idea to try the soup, neither of us have been disappointed. In a nutshell, Go to Fish, order pretty much anything you want, and enjoy what you get, you won’t regret it.

I’d also like to give Fish a shout out (and some nerd points) for the awesome Hobbit themed beers.

Entry 21: Justice is served

Location:  Everett, WA

Brewery:  Justice Brewing

Reason:  They were open

After having a wonderful breakfast at Diamond Knot, it was time to hit the trail again.  In a world of chaos, death and disorder, it is nice to have a little Justice and that is indeed what we got.  Justice Brewing that is.

Justice is located in a back alley of sorts.  Not that type of back alley that you’ll get murdered in, but a residential one.  Then again, we are in Everett, so who knows.  I’m kidding.  Everett is wonderful.  Justice a cool little brewery with a friendly brewer.  Justice isn’t big by any means.  It is the definition of craft brewery.  It is one guy doing something he loves, making beer.  WP_20150517_004

You can’t get pints there.  Although for a dollar you can get a generous taster.  So, with a few bucks in hand, Samwise and I were able to taste all his beers on tap, a couple of times.  While the brewery didn’t have their flagship on tap (White and Nerdy), they did have the whiter and nerdier, which is a favorite of mine.  It is a White IPA that has a great Belgium feel to it and is very drinkable.  I also really enjoyed the High Stupidity.  It is difficult for me to describe the beer since it doesn’t really fit a style.  But it has the look of an amber but a very rich and complex flavor.  If you see a bottle of it somewhere, you should give it a try.


What I loved most about Justice was how friendly the brewer/owner Nate was.  Since Justice is small, it is by appointment only, but I shot him an email during the week, he replied with the days he was brewing, and let us swing by to try his beers.  Everett has a growing beer scene and Justice is absolutely deserving of your attention if you see it around. 6tag_170515-152858

Entry 18: Being the BrewBakers

Location:  Lake Stevens, WA

Brewery:  BrewBakers Brewery

Reason:  Hitting a brewery before it closed for the night

As we exit At Large we look for one more brewery to hit before the night came to a close.  Luckily for everyone involved in the journey, At large being a growler fill only, we are still feeling sober and wanted to hit up another place.  So we ask our mystic guide Cortana and she points out a small brewery – BrewBakers, only a few miles away.  We load up the Fiat and dash across Arlington towards Lake Stevens, trying to make BrewBakers before it closes.

If you want a cool place to have a beer on a Saturday night next to a fire.  BrewBakers is the place to go.  I’ve never been to a brewery that feels like you’re camping.  But as you can see.  CAMPFIRE!


While Samwise and I only had a beer each (It was last call), we were able to sit on a bench right next to the fire and enjoy those beers.  It was a really cool feeling.  If you love the idea of camping without all the camping and just the beer, BrewBakers is the place to go.


The beers were fine and refreshing.  They were very traditional, had two IPAs plus several other ones (We only got the IPAs).  While they weren’t necessarily the best beers in the world, they were good and next to the campfire that I mentioned before, it sets up for a cool evening.  Also, since the brewery is a dad and son operation, the mother kept bring my pretzels and was very mom about it.  Always asking how we were doing and being just plain awesome.  She was really cool.


Entry 16: Climbing the Whitewall

Location: Marysville, WA

Brewery:  Whitewall Brewing

Reason: MORE BEER!

After our brief stop at Skookum it was time to take on the Whitewall.  Legends tell us the mysterious Whitewall rises out of the depths of Marysville and very few have been able to conquer it.  But Samwise and I were determined.  The Whitewall will not stop our journey.

Whitewall looks like your traditional brewery.  We walk in to see a food truck in front, popcorn machine in the back, live music being played below their roll up garage and the Sounders game on the big screen TV.  Yeah, that is a brewery.  We wander up with our loyal dog Lupa (Who gets all the love at breweries) and order a beer.  Since we are a few drinks in, we don’t get a sampler.  A local man tells me I need to order the Retread, their Red IPA.  I instantly fall in love and get a growler of it on the spot.  It is that good.  Sadly, this is the only beer I get at Whitewall.  Luckily though, Sam lives close to the brewery and I want to try the rest.


I loved the feel of the brewery and I loved the Red IPA.  The owners are super nice.  Were very friendly and chatted us up for a while.  I love that in a brewery.  Those guys are awesome.