Podcast 25: Wild Ride and Freshies

Is there anything better than Fresh Hops? Sam and I discuss.  Then we have Brian from Wild Ride brewing to talk everything Redmond, OR beer!



Entry 79: The Greater World At Large

Brewery: At Large Brewing

Location: Everett, WA

Last weekend Matt and I woke up on Sunday morning with an unusual problem for us, we had absolutely no plans at all. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and drive somewhere we had never been before, so we took a scenic (actually it was absolutely beautiful, it had snowed) drive out into logging country past Arlington. After exploring a bit up there we decided it was time to start heading back in the general direction of home; but before we went home we had a long overdue stop to make.

Back in May 2015, on one of the first official WABL Journeys, Matt and I were touring breweries out in the Granite Falls/Marysville area, on a suggestion from another brewer we visited nano brewery At Large. Running out of the owners garage, they only offered samples and growler fills, impressed with what they had to offer we left that day with two growlers filled with the Bonnie session IPA and the Clyde IPA. We shared the growlers with friends and watched owners James and Karen gain popularity over the next year at festivals.

At Large opened the doors to their own taproom in April 2016, and its a hell of a taproom. Its a nice open space with room to grow, and a great location on a nice day. Down by the water in Everett At Large is just what that area needs, mostly because of the beer list. At Large specializes in IPAs, and they specialize well.

I tried the Hitting on All 6 IPA and the At Large IPA. Hitting on All 6 is a bold and hoppy IPA that has been dry hopped with citra and mosaic hops for a fruity finish. The At Large IPA has a wonderful citrus finish that is bright and refreshing. Matt tried the Lawn Job then went to a classic, the Clyde, to finish. Matt’s not home right now, but based on his untapped, he was clearly impressed with the Lawn Job Cream Ale, and I already know he thinks highly of the Clyde.

This was a fun one for us, its exciting to watch a brewery grow from a dream to a reality. They are At Large and they are definitely wanted by this beer lover. (heyo!)

Podcast 13: Pizza and Beer

Beer and Pizza goes hand and hand, right? Well, we talk about it.  Bellevue Brewing, Resonate Brewing and Pizz and Big Time Brewing are the topics of discussion today. Plus we talk about Vancouver and of course, a little beer trivia.

As always you can find us on iTunes.  Wabljourney!


Entry 70: Thank you for flying Airways

Brewery: Airways
Location: Kent, WA
Reason: new tap room


A few months back Matt and I decided that it was a good day for a beer. While we weren’t on the journey per se, we decided to visit one of the breweries most local to us, Airways. At this time Airways was located in an industrial park close to Ikea in the south Renton/Kent area. While we wee there we struck up a conversation with Alex, the heart and soul of Airways. Not only did we get a little insight into Alex’s passion for beer and airlines, we caught onto an inkling that maybe Airways had something big in their future.

Cut to a few weeks ago…

Matt, his good buddy Mikey, and I decided to head down to Airways new taproom and check out the new digs. Airways not only opened a huge new taproom, but unveiled a new logo with a new typeface without sacrificing the feel of Airways Brewing Company. Airways has always been a balance between the owners passion between brewing great beer and the commercial airline business. The new taproom features the nose of a 747 on the wall and soon to be spiral stairway (also vintage 747).

But lets get to the point, or the beer.

Seatkicker IPA – Northwest IPA (Yes!!)

Skyhag – Maltier IPA (Probably the flagship beer of Airways, and always, always a great choice)

Maylani Coconut Stout – Smooth dark stout with a coconut finish. (because milkshakes are boring without alcohol)

Pre-flight Pilsner – classic pilsner. refreshing (best way to spend that hour delay on the tarmac)

Summer Ale – Brewed with New Zealand hops, wonderful cool crisp beer with a hint of citrus (Its summer, you should)

All in all, you really should check this place out. Its really worth the trip in and of itself. When you go to Airways, you not only get to visit an amazing taproom with great beer, you get to visit the manifestation of someones dream coming to life.


Airways Bistro:  So quick note, Airways Bistro is located near Kent Station, it serves both Airways beer, food and wine. The last time that Matt and I were there I turned to him and said, “Anytime I cant think of what I want to eat, I want to eat here.” Its got a great selection of sandwiches and flatbread pizzas, great beer and good wine. Check it out.


Entry 62: Keeping Warm by the Old Stove

Location: Seattle, WA (Pike Place Market)

Brewery: Old Stove Brewing Co

Reason: Opening Weekend

This past weekend has been a very exciting one for breweries indeed. We got to attend the opening days of both Ravenna Brewing and Old Stove, and they were about as different as breweries can be. I’m going to let Matt tell you all about Ravenna on the next post and stick to Old Stove here.

We woke up Saturday morning and realized it was a rare day where we had nothing already planned, the weather was cooperating, and we were up early enough to do anything we wanted with the day. Matt made the excellent suggestion of heading down to Pike Place Market and hitting up the opening of Old Stove.

Pike Place Market is a gem I often forget about living here. Its a fun place to wander around if you have no agenda or real plan. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and generally be merry. But we did have a plan, a plan for beer, so we went straight for Old Stove.

To me, Old Stove feels more like a restaurant than a brewery. Even though the menu is small, and the beer is craft, the feel of the place definitely is a restaurant, or at least a brewery of a much larger scale. Walking in, it felt to me a little more like a Pike or a Redhook than a small micro brewery. I do think this is appropriate for the location which will get a lot of tourists looking to have a local beer with their lunch.
I started with the IPA while Matt tried the Pale and the Pilsner. The IPA was good, one I would order again, but the Pilsner was the superior beer. It was light and refreshing while still having a bit of complexity to the flavor. It was honestly one of the best Pilsners we think we have ever had. Its absolutely worth the stop in if you are down in the area.