Entry 35: Scotland the Brave (Part 2)

….. continuing from Scotland the Brave (Part 1)

While we only went to 2 breweries the entire time, we ended up going to 3 different BrewDog in Scotland/England.  Hell, I even hit up the Glasgow one twice and the Edinburgh one thrice. (Also went to the one in Newcastle, England)  They had great beer and I enjoyed it.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, BrewDog makes some unique beer.  They will add funky ingredients and make high gravity beers, which is fun.

Lets start off with the two crazy beers we had.  Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark.  Each being 32% and 40% alcohol respectfully.  We drank them like shots, which is crazy, since obviously the don’t come in pint sizes.  Sam was not a fan at all, but I enjoyed them both, even though they were just little sips.  I wanted to bring on home, but nooooo, a bottle ran about $100.

Now their regular beers.

The only decent damn IPA I could find was at BrewDog.  If you have a chance to drink their Punk IPA I would.  I don’t believe they ship to the United States yet, but from talking to them, it seems like they’ll be out here soon enough.  Also other enjoyable beers were the Hardcore IPA (Double) and Hop Fiction.  Maybe this trip just proves that I love beers with damn hops in them.  Which is something you cannot find in Scotland.

While we only went to two breweries, I probably had 50 different types of beer while in Scotland.  Ranging from cask to lagers and all of them were ‘meh’ at most.  Which is disappointing.  But at the end of the day, we didn’t go to Scotland for the beer.  We went for the Scotch.  And we didn’t leave empty handed.   We ended up stopping off at 4 distilleries and brought home 9 bottles of Scotch.  (If you want to see all the beers I tried, friend me on untappd – Husky13836)

Enjoyable trip.  I highly suggest you go to Scotland.  For the Scotch.  Not the beer.

WP_20150826_056Haggis Pizza at BrewDog

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