Brewery: Lowercase

Location: Seattle (Georgetown)

Reason: Grand re-opening of new location!

Welcome to Georgetown, Lowercase Brewing! After a few months of getting permits and fighting the bureaucracy that is Seattle it is wonderful to see your beautiful doors open once again.  No journey is ever complete without visiting the nice folks at Lowercase Brewing.

Starting off in South Park area of Seattle, Lowercase made the long and arduous trek all the way to Georgetown and moved into an old welding building.  And I know what you’re thinking, “Old welding building?!? Awesome!” and it is!  Roll up doors, large outdoor seating area with incandescent lights hanging and wood accents all throughout the brewery.

The beer itself is very traditional.  As in, when you order a beer from them, expect it to taste like you think that style should be.  Their ESB tastes like an ESB, their pale taste like a pale.  Which is wonderful because you know exactly what you’re going to get and if you enjoy a certain style, you’re going to love their beer.

Also, get the shandy.  It’s probably my favorite.  They carbonate their lemonade/limeade so when you combine it with either their pale or Mexican lager you’re going to get a refreshing low alcohol beer with POP!

Wonderful brewery, with wonderful beer.  Head to Georgetown and have a fun night.  The brewery is on airport way, just south of all the bars and restaurants in that area.img_20161111_194728

Entry 76: Our Dystopian Future

In light of recent events. Wabljourney no longer supports this place.  We highly recommend taking your hard earn cash to one of the non homophobic breweries in Tacoma.


Brewery: Dystopian
Location: Tacoma, WA
Reason: They were open!

Its rare that Matt and I find ourselves on a Friday afternoon with no plans, but there we were last Friday, leaving work for the week and realizing that we had nothing on the agenda for our evening. Facebook’s data miners to the rescue! Suddenly an event popped up on my phone and I saw that Dystopian was opening THAT NIGHT! Obviously it was meant to be.
Right off the bat, I kind of dig the vibe of this place. Its got a very 1984 / V for Vendetta feel to the place that is pretty fun (you know, for a brewery). Located in downtown Tacoma, we found the place pretty easily because of the GIANT CROWD spilling out into the street. The second thing that I noticed was the beer. The beers are not subtle guys.The lowest alcohol content of the group was the coconut cream ale at about 5.3% and from there it went all the way up to the Entropy Cascadian dark at 10.5%.
While potentially dangerous, the beers are worth it. I tried the Everybody’s Crisis coconut cream ale to start, and it was amazing. It had notes of toasted coconut and a little caramel. It tasted like a glass of coconut creme brulee. After that I tried the Dapper Dubbel, which was also a stand up beer. Matt tried the Red Queen red IPA and the Entropy on nitro. This brewer knows what he is doing, hes executed a unique, non traditional tap list for his opening weekend and he executed it well.
Look forward to seeing more from Dystopian, because they are coming for you too.