Entry 70: Thank you for flying Airways

Brewery: Airways
Location: Kent, WA
Reason: new tap room


A few months back Matt and I decided that it was a good day for a beer. While we weren’t on the journey per se, we decided to visit one of the breweries most local to us, Airways. At this time Airways was located in an industrial park close to Ikea in the south Renton/Kent area. While we wee there we struck up a conversation with Alex, the heart and soul of Airways. Not only did we get a little insight into Alex’s passion for beer and airlines, we caught onto an inkling that maybe Airways had something big in their future.

Cut to a few weeks ago…

Matt, his good buddy Mikey, and I decided to head down to Airways new taproom and check out the new digs. Airways not only opened a huge new taproom, but unveiled a new logo with a new typeface without sacrificing the feel of Airways Brewing Company. Airways has always been a balance between the owners passion between brewing great beer and the commercial airline business. The new taproom features the nose of a 747 on the wall and soon to be spiral stairway (also vintage 747).

But lets get to the point, or the beer.

Seatkicker IPA – Northwest IPA (Yes!!)

Skyhag – Maltier IPA (Probably the flagship beer of Airways, and always, always a great choice)

Maylani Coconut Stout – Smooth dark stout with a coconut finish. (because milkshakes are boring without alcohol)

Pre-flight Pilsner – classic pilsner. refreshing (best way to spend that hour delay on the tarmac)

Summer Ale – Brewed with New Zealand hops, wonderful cool crisp beer with a hint of citrus (Its summer, you should)

All in all, you really should check this place out. Its really worth the trip in and of itself. When you go to Airways, you not only get to visit an amazing taproom with great beer, you get to visit the manifestation of someones dream coming to life.


Airways Bistro:  So quick note, Airways Bistro is located near Kent Station, it serves both Airways beer, food and wine. The last time that Matt and I were there I turned to him and said, “Anytime I cant think of what I want to eat, I want to eat here.” Its got a great selection of sandwiches and flatbread pizzas, great beer and good wine. Check it out.


Entry 69: Ten Hut! Four Generals ready for duty.

Brewery:  Four Generals Brewing

Location: Renton, WA

Reason: Its literally 2 blocks away

Okay, I’m not a military guy. So I have no idea what the title means.  But I do know beer, and there is a new brewery opening in Renton.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about Renton. Its home. It has always been home for me (Matt) and a somewhat newer home for others (Sam), and it has been a giant open space for breweries. Sure, it has been home to Strong Arm and Herbert-B-Friendly for years, and while both are awesome stops, they are far from full time tap rooms.  If you head to the downtown area of almost any town in Western WA you will find a brewery, for Renton, that is now Four Generals Brewing.


Four Generals isn’t quite open yet.  The grand opening is just days away on July 22nd at noon.  Their location is 3rd and Wells in DTR (Downtown Renton, for all you non-Renton folks).  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening for months, watching their updates on Facebook, commenting and liking as we went along. Luckily for me this was how I was able to  get to know the owner and brewer Russ (as in, I’ve annoyed the hell out of him).  I’ll tell you right now, he is a good guy and a good brewer.


The location is right in DTR. The brewery has a brewery feel to it.  And if you frequent enough breweries, you know that feeling. Roll up doors, limited but wonderful outside seating and a small but quaint taproom.  Once you walk into the doors, you’ll love the place.


As of the soft opening, they had 4 beers on tap.  A sour (Sam is happy), a bitter, an east coast IPA (not too hoppy) and a CDA (cascadian dark ale, love that roasted malt).  When talking to Russ he told me their flagship will be their scotch ale (yay!) and they’ll have a gambit of different styles of beer.  Four Generals will also be barrel aging several beers, so this brewery is up to some big things. Even though I was only able to try 4 of their beers, I really liked them.  I’m not a sour guy, so I’ll leave that up to Sam (she had two). The three other beers: all different, all delicious. If you’re not a hoppy person, the east coast IPA is a damn good beer.  Or if you like a little malt and low alcohol (3.5%) their bitter is the way to go.  And of course, CDA is a CDA and if you like CDA, drink this CDA.  CDA!!!

Come to Renton on Friday and give Four Generals a chance, you will not regret it.