Entry 68: Don’t procrastinate, Resonate


Brewery: Resonate
Location: Newport Hills
Reason: Its really close

In the midst of Newport Hills lies Resonate Brewing. Within their hallowed halls rests great pizza, delicious beer and a friendly atmosphere. While the brewery itself may be new and exciting, their beer tastes like the brewer has been making beer for decades.

This may be the first time I blog while at the brewery itself. While it’s a pain in the ass to write on my phone. It makes it so much easier to talk about the beer while it’s fresh on my mind.

The brewery itself is audio themed with music videos constantly playing on the TV’s. Although they’ll have the game on if you ask them. The location is basic, an aging strip mall but once inside the brewery its open, clean and inviting. Its very kid friendly so if you’re looking for a place to take the family for beer and pizza this is a wonderful spot.

Let’s talk beer though. For the first several months their selection was quite small. But it was a new brewery so I can’t complain. But now after about a year they have 13 of their own beers on tap and 7 guest beers. They have wine and cider also. Their beers are well listed and defined. They break things off into groups. Light and crisp, hop bitter, malt roast and fruit funk Belgian. And with 13 of their own beers on tap there is always something for you. I myself have been in a giant radler kick so the sprocket radler (their golden plus lemon soda) is the perfect summer beer. Their hysberia and atomic punk are also super popular and delicious. The Hysberia being a raspberry wheat with just a slight hint of raspberry, not overwhelming at all. While the atomic punk their solid IPA, and as my buddy says”Its a delicious NW IPA.”

Come to Resonate. Pizza and beer. What more do you want?

Author: husky13836

I am the self proclaimed King of Spain. I recently saved two virgins from the depths of hell, and I did this while getting my Masters from Yale.

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