Podcast 7: Washington Beer Festival and Seattle

I know we cannot review all of Seattle, but we talk Ravenna, Fremont, Outlander plus the Washington beer festival.

So, listen here or download it.  Also you can download on iTunes, search wabljourney.

Podcast 7


Entry 68: Don’t procrastinate, Resonate


Brewery: Resonate
Location: Newport Hills
Reason: Its really close

In the midst of Newport Hills lies Resonate Brewing. Within their hallowed halls rests great pizza, delicious beer and a friendly atmosphere. While the brewery itself may be new and exciting, their beer tastes like the brewer has been making beer for decades.

This may be the first time I blog while at the brewery itself. While it’s a pain in the ass to write on my phone. It makes it so much easier to talk about the beer while it’s fresh on my mind.

The brewery itself is audio themed with music videos constantly playing on the TV’s. Although they’ll have the game on if you ask them. The location is basic, an aging strip mall but once inside the brewery its open, clean and inviting. Its very kid friendly so if you’re looking for a place to take the family for beer and pizza this is a wonderful spot.

Let’s talk beer though. For the first several months their selection was quite small. But it was a new brewery so I can’t complain. But now after about a year they have 13 of their own beers on tap and 7 guest beers. They have wine and cider also. Their beers are well listed and defined. They break things off into groups. Light and crisp, hop bitter, malt roast and fruit funk Belgian. And with 13 of their own beers on tap there is always something for you. I myself have been in a giant radler kick so the sprocket radler (their golden plus lemon soda) is the perfect summer beer. Their hysberia and atomic punk are also super popular and delicious. The Hysberia being a raspberry wheat with just a slight hint of raspberry, not overwhelming at all. While the atomic punk their solid IPA, and as my buddy says”Its a delicious NW IPA.”

Come to Resonate. Pizza and beer. What more do you want?

Entry 67: Surviving the Crucible


I have wanted to try Crucible pretty much since I found out that they existed, which was unfortunately about a month after I moved out of the Everett area. So after a few months of waiting Matt and I found ourselves passing through the Everett area on our way home and decided to cross this one off my bucket (of beers) list.

Crucible is located on Everett Mall Way near Middleton and Lazy Boy brewing. Its a nice addition to the brewery scene in the area, an in between the more experimental Middleton and the very traditional Lazy Boy.

The tap room is pretty awesome, a nice comfortable bar area with a casual and friendly vibe. Matt and I decided to sit near the back on an incredibly comfortable couch I might have taken home with me if I were able to smuggle it out discretely. The couch sits back in a corner in front of a TV wired for Netflix, which might be one of my favorite things at any brewery (sure I’ll binge watch some Archer while drinking your delicious beer).

I liked this place almost immediately when I saw two sours on tap. I figured it was my duty to try them both in the name of research. The Rasberry Kettle Sour (which I later saw was named the Tyrannasour Razz… awesome) was amazing. It was the perfect blend of fruity and sour and I got very excited when I saw another friend check this in on untappd later that week. The other sour was a Watermelon Cucumber Kettle Sour on cask. I’m not a cask girl, so I tried only a schooner of this one. It was good, refreshing, sweet and sour, though I would have preferred it with a little CO2. I also tried the Orange Cream Ale which was delightful. Matt’s stand out was the Grapefruit IPA, he is partial to almost any beer involving grapefruit.

All in all, I enjoyed Crucible, and you should too.


Entry 66: Whipsaw and Beer = Dangerously Delicious.

Location:  Ellensburg, WA

Brewery: Whipsaw

Reason: I love Eburg

Whipsaw:  a saw with a narrow blade and a handle at both ends, used typically by two people.

I love breweries that have themes. Not over the top, but something to base their logos, beer names and decor after.  The idea of naming it after a logging tool is awesome.  We’ve seen the outdoor theme before and it works with beer.  Beer has always been the working mans drink and there is nothing more manly than cutting down a tree.

I was told by a buddy that I had to go to this brewery.  His exact words were, “It’s just as good as Iron Horse.”  Now I love Iron Horse, so I was a bit skeptical going in.  The brewery is on Wenus drive in Ellensburg (just giggle and let’s move on).  From the outside it looks like a brewery. A lot of outside seating a food truck right next to it and wood decor all throughout. A very nice setup.

The beer was good.  Since I was driving back to Seattle after this stop, I couldn’t have a lot, but I did fill up two squeelers to take home (It’s important to always keep a squeeler in your car… For emergencies.)  Sam tried the IPA and I went for the pale, then we took home the blackberry wheat and stout.  All 4 beers were delicious. I know we talked about it at length on our Podcast – but its always good to go over it again here. The Nelson IPA and Stump blower were the ones that stood out for me.  Both had a great balance of hops and body with a slight citrus finish.  The blackberry wheat wasn’t over powering or too sweet, which can be a problems at time. It tasted like a refreshing wheat with a hint of blackberry, a pleasant surprise.

Check out Whipsaw. Check out Ellensburg. It’s worth it.