Entry 65: Catching a buzz at Propolis

Brewery: Propolis Brewing

Location: Port Townsand, WA
Reason: Do we need one?

My absolute favorite thing about this blog is the excuse to travel around Washington and visit breweries on our free time in the name of research. Since we have started this blog I have gotten to visit some cool towns, meet some really interesting people, and explore a lot of this beautiful state (as well as others). There are certain breweries that I can’t help but get excited about when we discover them almost accidentally.

Matt had been in charge of the agenda for this particular journey and I actually wasn’t aware that Propolis was on the agenda, but I was pretty optimistic when we pulled up to the bright yellow building. Since this was a brand new stop for the two of us we decided to go ahead and split a sampler of everything on tap. Now, if you listen to our podcast you imageknow that I really like sour beers, more and more, they are becoming a personal favorite. If you listen to the podcast, you also know that Matt REALLY doesn’t like sour beers, so this review is all me.

If I had to describe Propolis Brewing, and I do since I’m writing a blog, I would describe them as earthy and playful. Almost everything is infused with herbs or dandelions and wonderfully unique. Even the name Propolis is a play on words, orignally from the Greek words pro (before) and polis (city), propolis is also the term for a resin collected by honeybees.

Going through the tasters felt a little like sampling the output of an alchemists laboratory.  The beers we tried were a combination of farmhouse ales and barrel aged ales. I personally gravitated more towards the traditional farmhouse ales, particularly enjoying the Cedar and the Herbal Golden.

I liked Propolis, I liked the patio outside, the bright yellow building, and the beer on tap. It will absolutely be a staple when visiting Port Townsand, and if you are a fan of sour beers, this place is probably for you too.


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