Entry 62: Keeping Warm by the Old Stove

Location: Seattle, WA (Pike Place Market)

Brewery: Old Stove Brewing Co

Reason: Opening Weekend

This past weekend has been a very exciting one for breweries indeed. We got to attend the opening days of both Ravenna Brewing and Old Stove, and they were about as different as breweries can be. I’m going to let Matt tell you all about Ravenna on the next post and stick to Old Stove here.

We woke up Saturday morning and realized it was a rare day where we had nothing already planned, the weather was cooperating, and we were up early enough to do anything we wanted with the day. Matt made the excellent suggestion of heading down to Pike Place Market and hitting up the opening of Old Stove.

Pike Place Market is a gem I often forget about living here. Its a fun place to wander around if you have no agenda or real plan. There are plenty of places to eat, drink, and generally be merry. But we did have a plan, a plan for beer, so we went straight for Old Stove.

To me, Old Stove feels more like a restaurant than a brewery. Even though the menu is small, and the beer is craft, the feel of the place definitely is a restaurant, or at least a brewery of a much larger scale. Walking in, it felt to me a little more like a Pike or a Redhook than a small micro brewery. I do think this is appropriate for the location which will get a lot of tourists looking to have a local beer with their lunch.
I started with the IPA while Matt tried the Pale and the Pilsner. The IPA was good, one I would order again, but the Pilsner was the superior beer. It was light and refreshing while still having a bit of complexity to the flavor. It was honestly one of the best Pilsners we think we have ever had. Its absolutely worth the stop in if you are down in the area.

Entry 61: Anacortes and the Rockfish

Location: Anacortes, WA

Brewery: Anacortes

Reason: Cause I needed a beer.


As we disembark from the ferry off Orcas Island, one thing remained.  Anacortes Brewing.  While we have been to Anacortes before, it was a different time.  There was no blog, there was no podcast, there was beer though.  And that is the reason we went to Anacortes.  Beer.

If you like variety, Anacortes Brewing may be the place for you.  Constantly keeping dozens and dozens of beer on tap, there will always be something you like.  They range from the classics (IPA and Pales) to the little more unknown (CDA and cask), there will ALWAYS be something for you.  Sadly, the day Sam and I went up there, I had to drive so I was limited to 1 beer.  Be that as it may, I’ve had their beer plenty of times and therefore, I am a trusted expert (Sure, why not!).

The Darkside IPA which is A LOT darker than traditional IPAs has a nice malty body to it with the traditional IPA finish.  The Red Ale and Lager are both super traditional (There is a theme here, everything tastes as it should, which is quite refreshing).  The pale and IPA are both super drinkable and enjoyable.

I know all of this may sound lame, but Anacortes follows the book when it comes to quality beer.  They know how to make a drinkable beer and they do.  They experiment a bit, with a CDA and seasonal beers, but if you have a style you like and in the area, you’ll find Anacortes delicious.

Also, I need to give some serious props to their chef.  The food there is amazing.  They have fresh seafood, to burgers and pizza.  This place is meant for everyone to go.  So, if you’re in the area, stop by.  You’ll like it.



Entry 60: Island Hoppin to Happiness

Location:  Orcas Island, WA

Brewery: Island Hoppin

Reason: Island Time

So, quick note here in the beginning. Matt and I have been trying to go in order of the breweries we’ve visited since deciding to start the blog, unfortunately we have fallen VERY far behind. Scrolling six months back in our untapped was starting to get a little cumbersome, so we have decided to make it a little easier on ourselves and just go out of order. The good news for you, dear reader, is that we can review the breweries while they are a little fresher in our minds. So this entry comes to you exactly three days after our visit to Island Hoppin Brewing. wp-1459721358591.jpg

The weather in Seattle (or Renton, whatever) has finally sprung. Trees are blooming, the sky is blue, its still a little chilly but after a very vitamin D deficient few months, we are all out and about trying to soak up as much sun as we can. In an effort to explore the state and drink good beer we decided to celebrate the changing weather with a trip to Orcas Island. So we woke up dark and early last Saturday morning and took off to catch a ferry.


After some breakfast and sightseeing it was time to get down to business, and that business would be beer. Island Hoppin Brewing is located just outside of the downtown Eastsound. They had seven of their own beers on tap, and one guest tap for cider (for that guy). Matt and I split a sampler of the lucky seven and agreed that the standouts were the Elwha Rock IPA, K Pod Kolsh, and the Doe Bay ISA. The IPA was my personal favorite. I was a tad disappointed see that they were missing the Pale and the Brown ale as these rotate periodically, but you can’t really complain about a brewery with seven unique beers on tap.

The tap room itself is on the cozy side, but the outdoor area is wonderful on a sunny day. There are the standard brewery games available (I’m still beating Matt in connect 4) and ping pong if you have that kind of hand eye coordination. We found ourselves back at Island Hoppin later on Sunday when we were needing to kill some time before our ferry home. Its a comfortable place with VERY friendly people that I look forward to coming back to the next time I’m out on the island.