Entry 59: Taming the Iron Horse

Location:  Ellensburg, WA

Brewery: Iron Horse



Ellensburg, the last gasp of humanity in this godforsaken world.  A place where culture meets classical antiquity.  In a world that has all but given up, there is one beacon of hope.  And it lies in Ellensburg, WA.  And that hope is called ‘Iron Horse Brewing’.

Now that I got your attention.  Lets talk Ellensburg.  No one loves Ellensburg more than me.  As someone who got the privilege of attending the best university on the West Coast, Central Washington University, Ellensburg and Iron Horse Brewing holds a special place in my heart.

But this isn’t all happiness, Iron Horse Brewing didn’t open up until after I graduated from CWU; therefore, I’ve got to miss the glory of their early days in their tiny ta00-00-00-96-58-03-965803_577403proom.  That still doesn’t mean I don’t love Iron Horse with all my heart.  If anyone has tasted Irish Death, you know how great Iron Horse truly is.  And if you haven’t had Irish Death, you haven’t lived.  It was one of the best beers you’ll ever have.  In fact, if you live on the west side, go to the Golf Club at Newcastle and order a pint of Irish Death and enjoy a beautiful sunset over Seattle.

Iron Horse is what craft beer aspires to be.  While they may be too big to be called “craft beer” by definition.  They will always be craft beer in my mind.  Their beers have become staples all over the state.  Although I highly suggest stopping by their taproom (after grabbing a burger from The Tav next door) and walk over to Iron Horse.  I’ve had almost everything they’ve had, and I suggest all of them.

Beers you can find anywhere are the Iron Horse IPA, Irish Death, Finger Gun Session IPA, Light Rail and Cozy Sweater.  Beers I’ve had only at the taproom are the 509 style, Koytus, Disruptor IPA, Gary and Double Rainbow Ale.  The Iron Horse IPA is a classic IPA with a great hop flavor and aroma.  Not too bitter and with a very lovely finish.  The Finger Gun is another highly rated beer with a rich hop flavor and floral aroma, but at the same time lower ABV, so you can have a bunch without getting (too) toasted.


In respect to keeping this short.  Just stop there on your way thru Ellensburg. Its delicious. 6tag_021015-184231


Author: husky13836

I am the self proclaimed King of Spain. I recently saved two virgins from the depths of hell, and I did this while getting my Masters from Yale.

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