Breaking Bale in Yakima

Brewery:  Bale Breaker

Location: Yakima, WA

Reason:  Heading out to Kennewick


A few times each summer Matt and I like to venture to the east side of the mountains for a little dry heat and beer. Since a huge majority of the hops used in brewing are grown in the Yakima Valley, it seems almost mandatory to we stop for a beer at the source. Bale Breaker feels as though it is the heart of the source. Driving towards the brewery you pass gorgeous hop farms with vines of hops strung up in the sun. Bale Breaker is surrounded by these beautiful crops and you can even walk though some of the vines just a few yards from the brewery.

It would be awfully disappointing if the beer at Bale Breaker didn’t live up to the expectations that the surroundings set up, luckily Bale Breaker does not disappoint. They have some of the most solid beers that I have ever had. The Top Cutter IPA is a glorious hoppy masterpiece. If you are looking for something a little less intense, you cant go wrong with the Field 41 Pale. I wouldn’t say that their beers are particularly experimental, but they are particularly good.

This particular visit to Bale Breaker was a quick one, we were on our way to meet up with friends in Kennewick so we only had time to stop in for one beer. We decided to stay in the tap room and chat with our friend Rebecca instead of heading out to the patio where you can sit in the shade and enjoy your beer or play a round of corn hole.

Yakima Valley is also home to a lot of fantastic Washington wineries that happen to close VERY early in the day. Bale Breaker is a great stop at the end of a day of wine tasting, or a great stop on its own. Basically, if you enjoy either beer or wine, you will want to make a trip out this way, and when you do, you should stop at Bale Breaker.


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