Floating the Skagit River

Brewery:  Skagit River Brewery

Location: Mount Vernon, WA

Reason:  On our way home from Bellingham.

The week before we decided to head up to Bellingham for the weekend I was talking with one of my friends at work and naturally we started talking about local breweries. Neither of us could remember the name of a particular one in Mount Vernon but we knew we were talking about the same place when I suggested that it feels a little like being inside of a pirate ship, which is probably the first thing that I liked about this place.

The second thing that I liked about Skagit River Brewery is probably the beer. If you have had a Skagit River beer it was most likely the Sculler IPA. The Sculler IPA is probably the most recognizable beer that Skagit River produces, to the point where I have referred to Skagit River Brewery as Scullers, a mistake that Matt thought was hilarious. The Scullers IPA is a good solid IPA which I gave four solid stars on untapped. I also included a picture of an empty glass and the comment “drink it.” I also tried the Farm To Market Ale an ESB that I rated a 4.25 stars. Matt tried the Delrio Lager, Black Jack Lager and Jenny’s Scottish all of which he liked.

The third thing that I want to like about Skagit River is the food. I have been to this brewery twice now, but never been able to stay for lunch. The food looks ahhhmazing. When you first walk in the door you are greeted with the wonderful kitchen smells and I nearly fell out of my chair watching a pizza make its way to a table near us. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for anything that starts with the words “wood fired” (which combined with my appreciation for craft beer, is the #1 reason diets fail in my home). Seriously though, check out their menu here.

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