The Lion, The Witch, and the Beer

Location: Bellingham, WA

Brewery: Aslan Brewing

Reason: On our way up north for a weekend

We decided to head up to visit my parents on the Canadian boarder and of course it was crucial that we make a stop on the way. It was a beautiful, sunny, Friday afternoon when we pulled off in Bellingham to visit Aslan brewing. We were not the only folks who decided to start our weekend early at Aslan, it was packed. This is a really great brewery, it has a full kitchen/menu and a great selection of beer on tap. I put a fair amount of weight on whether or not a particular brewery seems like a place I would want to hang out at on a free afternoon. Aslan is a brewery I would make a weekend trip up to Bellingham to visit. This trip was months ago, and I STILL think bout the pork rice bowl I had for lunch that day.

Since it was our first visit to Aslan we decided to share a sampler. I would highly recommend this if it is your first visit here. If you only have time for one beer, I would suggest the Batch 15 IPA. This is one of the best IPAs that Matt and I have found on our WABL journey, we liked it enough that we picked up a six pack at the brewery. This might not sound noteworthy, but since we tend to collect beer, we usually limit purchases to 22oz bottles in the interest of saving space in our home/refrigerator. If you are looking for something a little lighter and more refreshing than an IPA, I really liked the Disco Lemonade as well (though I would recommend a sample before committing to a full pint).

Bellingham is a great little city with plenty to do, I highly recommend a weekend here, especially if it involves a stop at Aslan.

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