Entry 42: Drinking with the Vikings at Valholl

Location:  Poulsbo, WA

Brewery:  Valholl Brewing

Reason:  Peninsula

Valholl, the Norse word for Valhalla, is the great hall where Vikings get to go when they are killed in combat, it is also the 42nd brewery that we reviewed for our blog. This is the second Norse themed brewery that I have had the pleasure of reviewing and while this one didn’t have kick ass barbeque, it did feel an awful lot more like a Viking hall than Odin. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if the beer was served in a drinking horn (unfortunately, it was not).

Since this was not our first stop of the day, we decided to keep things light and each have only one beer. Since this is a blog about Washington beer, I felt that it was necessary to try the flagship Brew Bitch IPA (you’re welcome guys), which I particularly liked. Matt tried The Mother in Law Imperial IPA which he gave a solid four stars. This is a brewery I would like to come back to and try a sampler at. The few beers we did get to try were solid and I have high hopes for the other taps.

Speaking of other taps. Valholl keeps a wide assortment of their beers on tap, but also has local cider and home made root beer if one of your Vikings does not want to drink beer (although what kind of Viking doesn’t drink beer…amirite).

I’m not going to lie guys, I’m impressed with the brewery scene we found over in the Kingston/Poulsbo area. If you are looking for a quick getaway and want to try out some cool breweries, this makes a really fun weekend.

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