2015 – A beer in review

Pardon the pun at the top.  But it had to be done.  2015 was a magnificent year for drinking beer (Lets be honest, every year is a great year for drinking beer).  In 2015, we saw new breweries open up.  We had new styles becoming insanely popular.  And overall, we just had a great time.

Before I talk about the year in review, I will admit that Sam and I are very behind in reviewing our beers.  To be honest, I was going to count up all the breweries we visited from my swarm/untappd check ins and I started to get annoyed scrolling down the page and counting.  We were around 100, and maybe have blogged 1/3 of those.  We even went on several brewery trips around the United States that we hadn’t mentioned much about in the past since this is a Washington beer blog, not a Arizona, Colorado, Dallas, Calgary, Scotland beer blog.

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Overall, starting a blog about breweries and the beer they produce has been really fun.  For those who read this, there will be more in store as we continue to write and visit breweries.

2015 – A Year of Drinking

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January – Before we started this blog Sam and I still hit up many breweries.  When 2015 hit, Sam and I’s first breweries we went to were Sleepy Dog Brewing and Four Peaks brewing in the Phoenix area.  While Phoenix is known for being in the middle of the desert, both breweries have a great feel to them.  And Four Peaks makes one of my favorite beers, their Peach Beer (Don’t judge me, it tastes like sunshine.)  We also went on trips to Bellingham to visit their breweries (I love Aslan and Boundary Bay) and even went to the grand opening of Holy Mountain Brewing.  Not bad for one month, right? This was just the highlights, we drank a lot that month. Whoops!

February – We slowed down after an exciting January and only hit up about 5 breweries.  But one being La Quinta Brewing in Palm Springs, CA (I think La Quinta is its own town, but whateva!).

March – This was the month of Wingman Brewers in Tacoma.  I don’t hide my love of Wingman Brewers.  Over time I’ve come to call Ken and the Wingman crew my friends and I will talk up their beer anytime I can.  Hell, they’ve even let me brew on their system.  Which is awesome.  But that month I hit up Wingman 4 times, which may not seem like much, but the drive from Renton to Tacoma isn’t always easy.  We also hit up Everett breweries that month, but that is pretty simple since Sam lives up there.


April – We went on a brewery/soccer trip with our friends Mike and Rachael to Denver where we hit up 8 breweries in 2 days.  One of which (Comrade Brewing) has me itching to go back.  If you haven’t done Denver before, I highly suggest it.

May – Bacon and Beer festival.  Two of the greatest things to even happen to humanity.  For those who don’t eat bacon and don’t drink beer.  SMH. DO IT!  This is also when we started our blog.  So, you’re pretty familiar with what went down during this time.

June – Washington Beer Festival!  I was there for two days.  One of them drinking like a champ.  The 2nd day pouring for Wingman Brewers (Love those guys!).  I’ve never poured or done anything like that before, and you know what?  It is a lot of fun.  People are friendly and just want to talk beer, its like drunk guy heaven.  Also, if you are looking for a great fathers day gift, treat him to the Washington Beer Festival!  Over 100 breweries and different types of beers to consume. Well worth it.


July – The heart of summer is a great time to drink some beer.  While we didn’t really go anywhere we did the most American thing you could do.  Go to plenty of M’s games.  Drink craft beer (props to Safeco for a great selection) and watch the Mariners.  I also went to Central City brewing in Canada, which is one of their bigger more popular ones, but Sam wasn’t with me.


August – Sam and I went to Scotland over the summer.  While we did hit up a few breweries over there (Drygate and BrewDog), and sampled all of the local beers we could, what we really did was hit up Scotch distilleries.  Visiting whisky distilleries in Scotland is a bucket list ticket.  We like to call it our Ron Swanson moment, sitting on the edge of a cliff drinking a scotch.  While we didn’t get to sit on a cliff, but we did get to sit at the edge of the Loch Ness, drinking Scotch.  Loved every moment of it.  We also went to the Everett Beer Festival.  If you want something low key but also a beer festival, or just live in the north end, I suggest this.  Also, it is our birthday month! Happy Birthday us!!

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September/October/November – Slow months.  We went to the Inland Beer Festival in Spokane.  If you want to drink on a baseball field.  DO IT!!  Also went to an opening of another Brewery, Resonate in Newport Hills/Bellevue.  I love the pizza there, and while they are still revving up their brewing, they have a great selection of other craft beers, but more on that later.


December- We went to Calgary and Dallas.  My goodness I love Calgary.  While the brewery scene is very limited there, we went to The Last Best Brewing, which has been open for less than a year.  Sam describes the brewery as one of her favorites.  Because it is a brewery on the main floor and a speakeasy downstairs (with a barber in it).  Then we went to Dallas for the Heart of Dallas Bowl (Yes, we are husky fans) and went to two breweries down there.  Braindead and Deep Ellum, with Deep Ellum being AMAZING. A side note, we actually were in Dallas during the tornado and happened to be evacuated to the back room of Deep Ellum while the storm was passing. Once the storm passed I got to try my favorite Dallas beer there, the easy peasy IPA.



Cheers guys! Its been a great 2015! Here is to a better 2016!





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