Entry 40: A Shelter in the Downpour

Location: Kingston, WA

Brewery: Downpour

Reason: Free Weekend!

One bright and shiny (for the Northwest) morning, Matt and I woke up and, for once, had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Being the somewhat restless people that we are, we decided to go ahead and hop on a ferry and head over to Kingston for the day. With no real plan in mind, we decided to look up the local breweries in that neck of the woods. The first stop off the ferry was Downpour brewing.

I liked this place from the moment we walked in. It looks and smells like the inside of a fresh oak barrel, it is wonderful. They have no shortage of beers on tap so we decided to go ahead and split a sampler. Unfortunately, i was off of my untapped game that day and failed to check in the majority of the beers that we tried. I did like the Saison though, and went back for a schooner of the Hop Seal IPA after the sample tray.

Since the weather decided to cooperate on that particular day we were able to sit outside while we shared the sample tray, they had a pizza truck there that day and Matt and I split a wonderful wood fired pizza while we sipped our samples. There was also outdoor ping-pong and when we eventually moved inside (it was a nice day, but not a particularly warm day) there were plenty of fun board games for us to play. If there had been no other breweries in the Kingston area I would have been happy to hang out there longer, but we had a job to do, so on we went. If you find yourself early for the ferry, or hell, in Kingston in general, go ahead and stop by.