Entry 37: All The Way to Cole Street

Location: Enumclaw, WA

Brewery:  Cole Street Brewing

Reason:  Needed to replenish calories

After spending several hours hiking around on this thing:

Matt and I decided to take a detour on our way home through the (slightly controversial) town of Edumclaw. Now, I’m fairly certain that this was my first trip to this town ever, and, well, if you are from the area you might be familiar with some of the local history involving livestock, but that’s another story. I wish I had not judged the town before I actually visited because its a pretty stinking cute little town. It has a nice downtown area where we grabbed lunch on our way home an a brewery that’s worth the visit.

Matt had been to Cole Street just a few days before me and really wanted to make the stop on our way home, so we wressled up the last bit of energy we had and stopped in for a couple beers. If you find yourself in Enumclaw, I’d highly suggest making this stop, ESPECIALLY if it is a nice, clear day. The brewery sits in an industrial lot with a few roll up doors that directly face Mt Rainier. The view is stunning. We tried to capture it on our phones but its one of those views you have to see in person. Also, beer.

The beer at Cole Street is good. I tried the Brown Ale and the DIPA (double IPA). I thought the Brown was great, but the DIPA was even better. Matt tried the OutLander IPA, the ESB, the Cascadian Rye and the DIPA. He preferred the two IPAs (which is no surprise if you know anything about Matt’s taste in beer). He is not typically the biggest ESB fan these days but gave the beer a pretty solid approval. The Cascadian Rye was his least favorite but, hey, there had to be one.

Overall I approve of both Enumclaw and Cole Street Brewing, if you are passing through the area I would suggest a stop at both.

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