Entry 29: Fighting the Flying Lion

Location:  Seattle, WA

Brewery:  Flying Lion Brewing

Reason: Its called Flying Lion. Why the hell not?

There we were, face to face with the illustrious flying lion.  We circle each other, I’m gazing into the soul of the immortal flying lion. I stab left, the flying lion shifts.  He claws at my face, I scramble to my side, barely avoiding death.  We are at an impasse. Either not sure what the next move should be.  So I do something brave and risque, I order a pint. A delicious pint.  The Flying Lion obliges.  We sit down and talk.  We aren’t enemies, but friends in the journey that is life.

I have much to write about Flying Lion Brewing.  And all of it is good.  Before we get to the beer, lets talk about the brewery and brewer.  Occasionally, I come across a brewery and think to myself, “Oh come on”.  The brewery has been open for about the year, and the brewer Griffin is in his mid 20s.  Yeah, basically everything I’ve wanted to do with my life, he is doing, about 6 years younger.  From what he told me, he started homebrewing early, and with a supportive family, they were able to open a brewery in the Columbia City area of Seattle.  Good for that guy.  Another awesome thing he does it grinds all his grain via bike.  Most breweries either have their own mill, or have places like Larrys Homebrew in Kent do it for him.  But being in his 20s and full of energy, Griffin does it himself.  Amazing.

Now lets get to the beer.  I’m a huge fan of the brewery.  The beer is really good, but you can find great beer almost everywhere.  What makes the brewery is the feel of it and getting to talk to the brewer.  He has such a passion for his craft and loves it, and as odd as it sounds, you can taste the passion and love in the beer.  Think of it has your moms home cooking, it is the love that makes it better.

Now I’ve had most of the beers here, and I like em all.  The single hop pale and the IPA were my highest rated beers.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the amber, but it was more cause it wasn’t my style of amber.  I like mine with a lot of body, it was just lacking a bit, but I know many people will love it.

When it comes down to it, this brewery will make my top 10 of Seattle area.  Which will be posted about 40 breweries into the journey.  If you are in the area, I highly suggest stopping by Flying Lion and stop by Spinnaker.  They are right next to year other and worth it. (We haven’t reviewed Spinnaker yet, cause Sam hasn’t been there, but I have….shhhhhh)6tag_290515-231037

Author: husky13836

I am the self proclaimed King of Spain. I recently saved two virgins from the depths of hell, and I did this while getting my Masters from Yale.

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