Entry 28: Two Beers and a Meatball Sub

Location:  Seattle (SoDo), WA

Brewery:  Two Beers Brewing

Reason:  Mariners

In an effort to mix things up before a Mariners game, we decided to skip Pyramid and try out a new brewery. Two Beers is located a couple of miles away from the stadium, not quite close enough to walk to Safeco, but close enough to stop in before a game, sit down, and have a beer before a game.

Since we were on our way to a game we only grabbed a couple of beers and some food off the truck nearby. The first beer I tried was an ISA which was… not my favorite. This beer gets a pretty decent rating on untapped which leads me to believe something might have been wrong with the keg or the line, I have not tried it since but I would be willing to give it another shot. The next beer I tried was the X6 IPA, which I really liked. On another visit a few weeks later, I tried the Day Hike Pale which I also really enjoyed. I tend to judge a brewery based on its Pale Ales and IPAs and I would say that Two Beers passes this test.

Two Beers is a nice brewery. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff was friendly. There was a food truck outside selling meatball subs. It was a nice way to start off a game and we have been back there since.6tag_290515-173920

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