Entry 27: The Pull of Three Magnets

Location:  Olympia, WA

Brewery:  Three Magnets Brewing Company

Reason:  Olympia has another brewery? Yay!

After our stop at Grove Street Matt, Lupa and I hopped back in the Fiat, finding ourselves still a good way away from home we decided to make another stop in Olympia at Three Magnets. I had not heard of Three Magnets and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize we were going to another brewery until we stepped inside so needless to say, we were pretty green to this place. Three Magnets almost feels like two establishments in one, there is a restaurant side and a bar side. The establishment is warm and welcoming but still feels fresh and modern. The restaurant side includes picnic tables and a couple window seats. You can also check out the side room with barrels of aging beers. Down a short hallway you come to the bar side which, well, feels like a bar version of the restaurant. The bar area includes a patio that’s not bad on a sunny day.

We entered through the restaurant side and ordered a couple samplers, we had to order two in order to try all the beers on tap (yay! variety!).The beer is well above average. I particularly enjoyed the 3MAG Rain IPA and the Smoked English Porter. Matt liked the Big Juice Double IPA and the Old Skook Barleywine. If you are making this journey with a friend, enemy, acquaintance, or any other drinking buddy type person, I’d suggest splitting a couple samplers and trying everything on tap.

I also should point out the food here. We tried to order about three appetizers before we came to one that wasn’t sold out after the long weekend, but settling for deep fried cheese curds was a compromise I was ultimately willing to make. I liked this brewery, I’d even suggest making a special trip to Olympia to check out their breweries, piers, and eclectic street crowd if you find yourself free on a Saturday.


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