Entry 26: Taking a stroll down Grove Street

Location:  Shelton, WA

Brewery:  Grove Street Brewhouse

Reason:  Shelton has a brewery? Yay!

Alas, we arrive in Shelton.  Shelton is one of the last towns before you go into the Olympic Peninsula.  And because of that, it a risky and dangerous town.  Outlaws rule the streets, vagabonds litter the sidewalks, and princes and kings rule with an iron fist.  Because of that, we decided we need to get off the main drag and hit up Grove Street.  Grove street is the place to be in Shelton.  That being said, Grove Street may be the only place I feel safe in Shelton.

After a long weekend of drinking and having fun.  Sam and I decided to hit up Grove Street on our way home.  Oddly enough, we ended up hitting even more breweries up after this, but that’ll be another day.  Grove Street has an odd feel to it.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was, and it necessarily isn’t a bad thing, but I couldn’t get a feel of what the theme was.  Grove Street brewhouse uses a tree as their logo and they have a brown/green layout of the brewery, but they could have rolled with it more.  But who cares about the feel of the brewery, lets talk the beer.  Sam got the sampler and I got their IPA and Red Rye.  Grove Street usually keeps 7-8 beers on tap, which is awesome, since I love variety.  I rated the two beers I had above average.  I enjoyed them, but they didn’t blow me away.  Sam has about the same feeling.  If I lived in the Shelton area, I’d hit up this place all the time, since I did enjoy their beers, but I wouldn’t travel there.  But if you are driving on 101 north, why not stop and support a local Shelton brewery.  They have plenty of beers, you’ll like one of them.


I swear the logo of the brewery is in the picture.  Next stop 3 Magnets Brewing!

Author: husky13836

I am the self proclaimed King of Spain. I recently saved two virgins from the depths of hell, and I did this while getting my Masters from Yale.

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