Entry 23: Drinking the Bog Water

Location:  Westport, WA

Brewery:  Bog Water Brewing

Reason:  Visiting the coast.  Drinking.

After a stop off at Fish Brewing – Lupa, Samwise and I make our way through the Bog Water to drink from its aptly named beverages.

This was the most difficult brewery to review, since I normally want to be positive.  Obviously they work hard and brewers are always proud of their craft.  But this brewery…..was just not good.  The staff was very unwelcoming, they only had 3 below average beers on tap and well, it just didn’t give a great vibe.

It has some positives though.  Looks like they had some great calzones. I didn’t have one, but they did look delicious.  They also have “wine” at the brewery.  It is Cranberry wine, but that is still wine, right?  Also, they have some live music that sounded pretty awesome.  That was actually the best part of the entire brewery, the live music.

Thankfully as I write this Bog Water isn’t on any social media, so the odds of them reading this very low.  But if you are in the Westport area, I highly suggest skipping Bog Water and going to Westport Brewing or Blackbeard Brewing.  WP_20150523_005

This brewery is the reason why we actually stopped grading breweries.  Sorry Bog Water, maybe we’ll try again another time.

The beers they had were a Blonde, Rye IPA and Brown.

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I am the self proclaimed King of Spain. I recently saved two virgins from the depths of hell, and I did this while getting my Masters from Yale.

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