Entry 22: Swimming with Fish

Location: Olympia, WA

Brewery: Fish Brewing Company

Reason: On our way to the coast, and Lunch.

In an attempt to get away for memorial day weekend Matt booked us a night in Westport Washington. So early(ish) Saturday morning we packed up the trusty Fiat, the trusty brewdog Lupa, and hit the road. On our way to Westport we passed through our state capitol, Olympia.

Olympia holds a pretty special place in my heart since it is the “hometown” of my best friend. Going to Olympia feels like going back to my second home. I used to know which bars to go to after a bad night of karaoke (the ribeye), and where to go to grab breakfast (the spar). The town has changed a little in the last six or seven years since she moved away, but one place is still there, the best place to grab a beer and a cup of soup.

Fish Brewing is a must stop if you find yourself heading down through Olympia. Not only is the beer solid, the food is outstanding. They also offer a pretty wide variety of organic beers (if that’s your thing). They usually have a good variety of beers on tap, and Fish is a good place to grab a sampler and an even better place to grab lunch.

For beers I would recommend the Beyond the Pale (pale ale), the Vicious Circle (amber), and especially the Wild Salmon Pale Ale. For food, I would HIGHLY recommend the wings (I think Chili lime), or the pulled pork sandwich. If they give you an option of fries or soup, its a good idea to try the soup, neither of us have been disappointed. In a nutshell, Go to Fish, order pretty much anything you want, and enjoy what you get, you won’t regret it.

I’d also like to give Fish a shout out (and some nerd points) for the awesome Hobbit themed beers.

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