Entry 20: Untying the Diamond Knot

Location: Mukilteo, WA

Brewery: Diamond Knot Brewing Company

Reason: Breakfast… and beer.

Sometimes on a Sunday morning all you want is a nice big breakfast. These breakfasts are often better if they come with the option of having a beer. Diamond Knot is one of the first craft breweries that I became framiliar with. Its a pretty popular spot in the north end and a common pick for many of my friends special occasions. I have met friends there for reunions, for good byes, and for Tuesdays (you know, the important things).

My favorite part of Diamond Knot is the food. You can order a steak there that cooks in front of you on a HOT STONE. I’ll admit, I’ve never ordered this myself but I have been there when someone did, and I think its safe to say that its second only to my Mom’s cooking when I’m sick or sad. The pizzas are worth the trip by themselves and there are tots on the menu. This was the first time I had gone for breakfast and I was not disappointed. If you find yourself there in the morning try the Smothered Carnitas Burrito.

Diamond Knot beer is Diamond Knot beer. Its a fairly distinct flavor and maybe not my first choice on tap at a bar, but kind of a staple. I can always find something that I will like. I find the blonde a very drinkable beer and there are usually a handful of seasonal beers on tap that I want to try while I’m there. This location, right next to the Whidby Island ferry terminal is a must stop on your way over to the island, and worth the trip north just for the pizza and the steak.

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