Entry 19: The Loyal Dog Middleton

Location: Everett, WA

Brewery:  Middleton Brewing

Reason: Close to home

After spending the better part of the day touring the north end and sampling local breweries, we decided it was time to drop off the trusty fiat and the trusty brew dog Lupa, and uber ourselves safely to the next location. In the interest of staying somewhat close to home we ended up at a fairly new brewery called Middleton.

This is not the first time that we have gone to Middleton. We’ve stopped by a handful of times in the past year that they have been open. I like it as a casual spot to stop in and grab a beer. I think the staff is friendly and there is usually something on tap for both of us. Middleton is a little more experimental with their beers, they like to blend traditional styles with some funky ingredients.

Personally, I enjoy samplers at Middleton. The beers are maybe a little too experimental to drink all night (maybe not an accident), but I generally like what they are doing well enough that I want to try out their different styles. The beer that stands out the most in my mind when I think of Middleton is the jalapeno pale ale, Mierda Fuego. This is not Matt’s favorite beer, but its always the one that reminds me most of Middleton. If you like pepper beers, you will like this one, if you don’t, maybe stick to the Monkey Butt (tangerine IPA). I personally also enjoy the peanut butter oatmeal stout and the honey blonde ale.

Middleton has several positives that really should be pointed out, they are open late, the staff is very friendly, and they have a super awesome dog that hangs out in the taproom. The taproom is cozy, with plenty of games and food. Its worth stopping in and splitting (or hoarding) a sampler if you find yourself close by.

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