Entry 17: The World At Large

Location: Marysville, WA

Brewery:  At Large Brewing

Reason: Looping Home

On the recommendation from Cole from Its In The Shadow Brewing, we decided to take our time heading home and stopped by At Large Brewing. I am glad that we got this recommendation because it was a brewery we may have otherwise missed on our tour through the Marysville/Arlington area. At Large was a passion project started in 2010 that (I’m happy to say) became a business a couple of years and some permits later. Currently At Large is a home set up that offers growler fills. Tastings are available prior to a fill, but they are not a fully functioning taproom offering pints.

We tried most of the beers on tap, the standouts for us were the Bonnie and the Clyde. The Bonnie is a Session IPA, with its lower alcohol content its a beer I would love to have a couple of at an afternoon barbecue (as this is probably my third barbecue reference, I should note that it is currently late May in an unseasonably warm and dry spring in Western Washington). The Clyde, heavier in alcohol content, is a great beer to sip on your porch on a warm evening while you are updating your beer blog. Trust me, I speak from experience.

I like At Large and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow in the next few years. The Clyde IPA rivals many other popular IPAs on the market and if I were to see an At Large beer on tap, I would quickly grab it. I would recommend their beer to both an elitist as well as a novice. In my opinion, At Large has succeeded in brewing solid beers that anyone can ENJOY.

A note to anyone who wants to visit the brewery: The brewers are friendly and welcoming, but please respect the fact that this is a residence and not a bar.

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