Entry 13: A Light In The Shadow

Location: Granite Falls?

Brewery: In the Shadow

Reason: Blog… Beer… Saturday… Whatever

It was time. Our journey was destined to take us deep, deep into the darkness. We gathered ourselves and our brew dog, Lupa and embarked in the fiat. We drove deep into the trenches of Washington, past Lake Stevens and into the depths of Granite Falls. The fiat (and Lupa) were brave as we journeyed In The Shadow.

As soon as we met up with Cole, everything came to light. In a word, this place was neat.  The brewery is located in a small building in his backyard, and it might be Washingtons smallest taproom, with one table and two chairs, but it’s a full service joint. He offers full pints and tasters as well as front row seats to his brewing process.

I sampled all of Coles beers and two of them stuck with me the most, the HBL (blonde) and the pale. I want drink the HBL on a summer day at a barbecue. I have a feeling that the HBL will be the beer this brewery is known for. The pale was a solid, nice, drinkable beer (and the one we ended up taking a growler of). The IPA was more of an English IPA, which as a northwest girl feels a little like I’m cheating on IPAs, but still good.

If you see “in the Shadow” on tap, Order it. Better yet, if you happen to find yourself near the Granite Falls area, make yourself an appointment. I enjoyed both the beers and Cole’s company. I’m excited to see what else comes from In The Shadow, I would give this place an 8.5/10.

One thought on “Entry 13: A Light In The Shadow”

  1. Cole says that the most recent IPA (still in the brite tank) is turning back to a more American style. Until we dial in the recipes, every batch will be a little different. That’s a great reason to keep coming back! Thank you so much for the visit. I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to meet you. ~Sarah

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