Entry 9: A strike with Pike

Location:  Seattle, WA

Brewery:  Pike Brewing Company

Reason: Post Mariners game beer.

With the Mighty Mariners taking down the A’s of Oakland.  It was time to continue our journey.  With our hearts warm from the win and our bellies empty of beer, we pressed on to Pike Brewing Company.  Pike Brewing, located in the historic Pike Place market is a destination for many, and for that night, a destination for Sam-wise and myself.

Pike Brewing is all about location location and location.  If you are not from Seattle, this is a place to stop by after wandering the Pike Place market.  As a local of the Seattle-area, this is not an easy bar to get to.  I hate driving around that area.  It is a pain.  If you live down there, maybe its another story and you frequent this place often.  I’ve had a lot of Pike brewing in my life.  A LOT.  Not cause it is the best, cause there is better, but because you are getting something drinkable and constant, and that means something to me.  They have some staples of every grocery store around here, Kilt lifter (Not my style), Monks Uncle (I’m a fan), and the Pike stout (good).  They have some solid food also.  I haven’t eaten there in years, but from what I remember.  Solid.


I’ll give a 5/10.  I would highly advise you to try the Monks Uncle though.  You can get a bomber of it at almost any grocery store

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