Entry 6: The Journey Must Geaux On

Location: Bellevue, Wa

Brewery: Geaux Brewing

Reason: Sounders Game

After a most harrowing afternoon Matt and I knew that our only real option was to forge ahead and continue our WABL-y Journey. That beer is not going to drink itself, and by God, we are not going to let it go to waste.

The sixth and final stop this weekend was Geaux Brewing in Bellevue. Of all the breweries we visited in the last weekend I would say this one felt the most like a brewery. Hidden in the way back of an industrial park, with a fenced off hop and beer garden outside, barrel tables and a dog. This place FEELS like a brewery.

Bonus points to Geaux brewing for having a TV, this is a feature not everyone in the brewing community agrees on. I myself am torn, while I enjoy my boyfriends undivided attention I also occasionally (often… ok… always) prefer watching sporting events at a brewery.

Matt sampled the Pirates Alley Pale Ale, the Gulf Coast Session IPA, and ended with the Treme IPA. I sampled the Wee Y’at Scottish Ale, then the BTR Red, and also finished with the Treme IPA. We both agreed the Treme was far and away the best of the beers we tried there.

I like Geaux, and if I lived closer to it I might make a better effort to visit more often, but I will say that its not one of my favorites. Its good, but it doesn’t stand out to me. I would give Geaux a 7/10.

 Also, if you DO happen to find yourself at Geaux, check out the bathroom, but read the instructions before you just start pressing buttons… You’re welcome.

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