Entry 5: Meeting the frog at Issaquah Brewhouse

Location:  Issaquah, WA

Brewery:  Issaquah Brewhouse (Rogue Ales)

Reason: Hungry

A frog is much more than a cute little amphibian, it is the symbol of the Issaquah Brewhouse.  The day we encountered the legendary frog of Issaquah is a day to remember.  Well, maybe not so much.  We were hungry over our attempt to conquer Snoqualmie Falls.  We grabbed our food and we drank our pints, and sang till the kegs ran dry.  Or not.


Issaquah Brewhouse doesn’t stand for Washington beer as much as it used too.  Being they were purchased out by the mysterious Rogue of Oregon.  But, they still craft several of their own beers.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Rogue (They are meh) and Issaquah Brewhouse ales are not quite my style (Wheat beer is the biggest seller), I still frequent Issaquah Brewhouse often.  Because of the Kobe beef burger.  It is one of those burgers that you would take home to meet your mother.  It is that amazing.  I give the Issaquah Brewhouse 5/10.




Schooner Exact

Snoqualmie Falls


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