Entry 4: Over Snoqualmie Falls

Location: Snoqualmie, WA

Brewery: Snoqualmie Falls Brewing

Reason: It was a beautiful day out, might as well go visit Snoqualmie falls and hit up a brewery.

After barely making it out of Schooner Exact alive, we had a day to rest and then we had to take on the treacherous Snoqualmie Falls.  Very few attempt to brave the falls, but Sam-wise and I were eager and ready.  The journey to this point has been fairly easy, rarely having to leave the Seattle area, but now.  We move east, towards middle-Washington.

Riding out on FIAT was uneventful.  Until we see the falls.  Many attempted it, but no one has conquered it, until now.  WP_20150503_003

Sam-wise taking on the falls.

We finally make it to Snoqualmie Falls Brewing.  It is beautiful as always.  The beer, refreshingly cold and tasty.  The Mariners on the TV.  It is a stop I’ll never forget.  Mostly because of the Spring Fever.  ALL HAIL SPRING FEVER! The greatest beer in the all the lands.

(On a side note, this is one of my favorite breweries.  They do many things right.  They have a huge selection of beers, they always have a delicious seasonal, and for those who do not drink, they have amazing root beer that they make themselves.  Snoqualmie falls also has a kitchen for those who are famished.  Pizzas and sandwiches mostly.)

I give this place a 9/10.  VISIT!


Breweries conquered:



Schooner Exact

Snoqualmie Falls

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